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Short stories are gems.  They can capture the imagination in a fraction of the time of a novel, yet stay with you forever.  They are perfect, tiny worlds - sometimes complete, sometimes a fragment, and often leaving you wondering...what happened next?

As reading is such a great escape during these incredibly challenging times, I am making my collection of short stories, The Ring, free to download.  Below you can also read two brand new stories - Mirrored and Between Full Night & Sunrise. 

I'd love to hear what you think of the stories.  If you'd like to feed back email me at or message me from my Facebook Author Page.

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Analysts new codes image.jpg
The litle people image.jpg
There are no wars there image.jpg
The Golden Ticket image.jpg
Stars image.jpg
Fracking Hell image.jpg
The Box story image with text.jpg
Blind Spot image.jpg
The Ring Square.jpg

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